12 days in oman

A newly launched video titled 12 days in Oman, shot by German filmmaker, Marko Roth and featuring the vast beauty of Oman over a period of 12 days, has got viewers going wild, sending the film viral on the internet.

The video, which is just under four minutes long, was uploaded to Vimeo on the June 15 and had already clocked up more than 58,700 views at the time of going to print.

Roth’s video features unexplored realms of natural beauty all the way from the north to the south of the Sultanate. The picturesque landscapes and eye-catching beaches, deserts, mountains and wadis captured on screen by Roth and his remarkable team of three has certainly struck a chord with Omani viewers.

“We drove over 4,200 kilometres across the unexplored and beautiful country of Oman. We made friends with young and old Omanis, discovered absolutely stunning landscapes and captured our entire experience in this film,” Roth told the local media.

Roth has covered every facet of Omani culture, from the famous local spices to hot Arab sands. Whether it is the beautiful mosques or the antique forts that dot the Sultanate’s landscape, 12 days in Oman has captured it all. The German filmmaker has received acclaim from the Ministry of Tourism as well as other institutions, with viewers leaving positive comments on the video in their droves.

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